Clear Intentions Adhesive

Clear Intentions Adhesive


Our clear adhesive features a 1-2 second dry time with 6-8 week retention. Ideal humidity levels are 25%-55%. This adhesive is recommended for beginner to advanced lash artists. This adhesive is best for classic lashing but may be used for volume with respect to the beginner lash artist due to its slower dry time.

Ingredients: Polyacrylate, Ethanol, Deionized water, Benzoic Acid

Instructions: Puncture and burp the nozzle prior to shaking the adhesive. Shake adhesive bottle for at least 1 min before initial use. Dispense adhesive drop onto jade stone and replace every 20 min. Make sure cap is on the adhesive bottle when not in use. Shelf life: one month after opening, 6-8 months unopened.

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